Why Choose Prolite Rods

Why Choose Prolite Rods over the "others"? As a customer, this a question we make every company answer. While we are searching for a product, we think about what we have learned from others, read on the internet, or experienced. We end up asking yourselves questions like:

Why this product?

Why this brand?

Why this company?

In the end, the real question we ask is... Do I trust this company?

Its so true! The question we always ask ourselves is whether we trust the company and the product they are offering. At some point, there will be companies that earn our trust. Prolite Rod Technology may not earn your trust over night, but our hope is that after seeing the passion and excitement that we build into every rod, and after experiencing great customer service, that we will begin to earn your trust and you can be confident in your Prolite products.

Trust is based on the experience.  If a company can deliver positive experiences then the trust level grows.  This goes for both the products and the level of customer service experience.

“Trust can take years to build, and seconds to break.”

It’s not your job to give a company your trust, they’ve got to earn it.

So what truly sets Prolite Rod Technology apart from the others

  1. The Best Customer Service
  2. Guaranteed Superior Quality
  3. Pride and Craftsmanship

We have used our years of experience and professional fishing in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, to develop rods to help you hook and land more fish. We want to go out of our way to introduce to you what we truly believe in. Your passion, is our passion.